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I would like to thank you for the highly professional service that I received from your company. I provided your developer with my ideas and he quickly brought them to fruition in our website. I started the process desiring to launch our website within a month and we were able to go live within a week and a half. I would highly recommend your services to anyone with the caveat; know what links you want, study the various functionalities offered by Small Biz Sites and have the content ready that you want for your pages. If you come prepared Small Biz Sites responds quickly to your requests, promptly troubleshoots any problems and can launch your site live in record time! It was an amazing and pleasant experience.

Angela Hunter, Fort Worth TX
Thank you for making the journey to a professional website a smooth one. Your web designers, help files and instructions were all very good. And praise for the new site is already coming in. One member wrote "Congratulations on the beautiful, new website. The people that created it certainly get a pat on the back for a job well done! This is a site I'm very proud to share with others regarding our lake.  Thanks again.
- R. Nelson, Keneshaw WI
Overall the website has exceeded my expectations and our residents have also expressed their appreciation. Thanks for doing an excellent job!
- HB Love, Gulfport FL
Working with our designer, was very easy, fast and accurate.  The phone and email connection is what our clients wanted.  It was the right choice for us. 
- Toni A, Baton Rouge LA

Excellent service with step by step easy instructions and framework to build a professional high quality website for any business, even for the novice!  There is not a better service for the money and your company’s image will shine with these custom designs that allow you to include your own pictures and text to make unique and your own. 

- Jeff P, West Property Management

The initial reaction to our new website is phenomenal.  We can't say enough about your design, the incredibly useful Knowledgebase and the skill - and patience - of our personal web designer.  We're looking forward to entering the maintenance phase. 

- Mike F, Melbourne FL
Our Golf Association is thrilled with the new web-site.  I was able to adapt your product quite easily to fit our needs.  I love the detailed instructions and knowledgebase.  Your staff were very responsive and I often received immediate replies to my emails. We are now live and everything is running smoothly.  Thanks for a great product at an affordable price.
- Jane C, PWGA

I cannot say enough about my personal web designer. I am not savey with the computer but our designer was there all the way 100% puting things in easy terms that I could grasp and understand even if it took several e-mails. Once understood I realized how easy the process was. This site is fantastic.

- Catherine F, Lansdowne

What’s great about using SmallBiz Sites is that anyone can maintain and design a website using their setup.  I have found that the response from them has been quick and efficient, and the staff is pleased with our website's ease of use, appearance and functionality.

- Derek M, Indiana Wireless
This was the easiest process I've ever experienced.  My designer was very responsive and attentive to our needs.  Your company provides an excellent service and I will recommend you highly.  Thanks for all of your help in creating our new website (we love it!).
- Kira H, Culver City CA
This is the company to use if you are looking for a "website for dummies".  The process was explained clearly up front with easy directions.  On top of everything, our developer (Clayton) gets a gold star for responsiveness from a customer service perspective! Thank You! PS. Jason in customer support is giving Clayton a run for the money for responsiveness! 
- Bob H, Malakoff TX
YOU ROCK!! Thank you soooo much!! Your swift responses and communication are excellent! (copy our boss on this!)
- Dave D, Tucson AZ

If you are looking for a company to design and host your community website, then look no further, SmallBiz Sites is the company for you.  They delivered what they advertised.  We got a GREAT professional website, with all the bells and whistles at a GREAT price.  There were no hidden fees or charges.  The website offers our clients access to vast amount of information in one location.  The Message Board and Calendar are great tools and we can notify homeowners about important issues instantly by posting information on website or sending out an email blast.  The designer was pleasant and quick to make any modifications or changes we needed.  Managing the site is so simple.  I travel a lot but found that as long as I have access to the Internet, I can maintain the website. Thanks again for all your help.

- Darlene H, Fieldstone TX

You are the best! You delivered on your promise that you can build a website without me pulling out my hair. Patient help and well written instructions made it so much easier than I believed when I started. This is the partnership everybody needs to create a web site and go live in less time than I could ever have imagined.

- Linda B, Skyline Properties

I just wanted to send you a big thank you for all your help!  I've worked with a lot of computer technology vendors over the years and is so nice, and so rare, to find one that actually delivers on what they sell you and provides such exceptional customer service!  Thus far the responses have been very positive and we launched on time, mostly because of you!

- Joanie H, The Trails of Mansfield
Many kudos and much appreciation to your team for getting our website up and running under a tight time frame.  Our previous hosting contract was about to expire and a lot of work was put into getting our site moved to its new location.  We will definitely be saving money and getting much better customer service than we had in the past.  We're looking forward to continuing our relationship with you.
- Kerry D, American Indian Center

I just have to say I am very very impressed with you and your company. I have dabbled with and thought about doing something like you have done but always found it be an overwhelming amount of work. But you guys have really nailed it. I had looked at one of your competitors for a long time and always thought they were too expensive, confusing, and not very thorough. It seems to me like you folks have thought of everything.

- Robert B, White Label Reseller

Your websites are some of the most user friendly I have seen. I would recommend them to anyone.

- Devoy B, Realty Associates
SmallBiz Sites is great.  It makes our job easier as a professional management company.  We love that our communities have the ability to customize their website and it's well designed.  Great Job!
- Ryan G, Fitchwood Management
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